Writing Like a Filmmaker

Long shot– A closet:

A typical modern closet, an enclosed space, or a cabinet, that is built into the walls of the house during construction so that it takes up no apparent space in the bedroom when it is closed. This closet in the picture is full of clothes hanged. The purpose is that it is designed for clothing storage. The history of closets started at the end of the Medieval period, homeowners began adding ‘closets’ adjoining their bedrooms. The closet was a place to store treasured possessions, also a place for reading and quiet contemplation. Even today, the word ‘closet’ also has the meaning of secrecy and privacy.

Medium shot–A jacket:

The jacket in the picture is a mid-stomach-length black garment for the upper body. The sleeves are made of faux leather, while the main part is made from linen. Faux leather has the ability to reflect the light and it is shiny while the linen part is matte because of its texture. The purpose of clothing has been changing over times. The wearing of clothing originally is for the protection from the rough environment that can be potentially harmful, or to insulate against cold or hot conditions. Then clothes became a social norm, that for example, the jacket is not necessarily able to keep the warmth but to serve another purpose: to show a certain style of the wearer or to enforce a certain trend or fashion.

Close-up shot–The faux leather:

The leather itself is not as able as the linen to keep the warmth in winter, and it is certainly not a good choice of clothes in summer as well. The faux leather reflects the light and shines. It sometimes can be tight and uncomfortable while still a lot of people are fond of wearing them. The social norm gives the leather jacket the impression of being a little vintage, chic and also a little rough-looking.

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